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Pulse Sensor Heart Beats Rate Sensing Module


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How Pulse sensor works?

The working of the Pulse/Heart beat sensor is very simple. The sensor has two sides, on one side the LED is placed along with an ambient light sensor and on the other side we have some circuitry. This circuitry is responsible for the amplification and noise cancellation work. The LED on the front side of the sensor is placed over a vein in our human body. This can either be your Finger tip or you ear tips, but it should be placed directly on top of a vein.

Now the LED emits light which will fall on the vein directly. The veins will have blood flow inside them only when the heart is pumping, so if we monitor the flow of blood we can monitor the heart beats as well.  If the flow of blood is detected then the ambient light sensor will pick up more light since they will be reflect ted by the blood, this minor change in received light is analysed over time to determine our heart beats.

Pin Configuration

Pin Number Pin Name Wire Colour Description
1 Ground Black Connected to the ground of the system
2 Vcc Red Connect to +5V or +3.3V supply voltage
3 Signal Purple Pulsating output signal.

Warning: This sensor is not medical or FDA approved. It is purely intended for hobby projects/demos and should not be use for health critical applications.

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