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PIC16F676 8 bit MCU 14-PIN PIC Microcontroller IC


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Tonomech offers PIC16F676 8 bit MCU 14-PIN PIC Microcontroller IC.


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PIC16F676 is microcontroller from ‘PIC16F’ family and is made by MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY. It is an 8-Bit CMOS Microcontroller and is very popular among hobbyists and engineers due its features, cost and small size.


Pin configuration

PIC16F676 is a 14 pin device and many of them can perform multiple functions as shown in above pin diagram. The description for each of these functions is given below.

Pin Function Description
1 VDD Positive Power Supply
2 RA5/T1CKI/OSC1/CLKIN RA5: Pin5 of  Port A

T1CKI: Timer1 external clock input

OSC1:Oscillator pin 1

CLKI: External clock source input

3 RA4/T1G/OSC2/AN3/CLKOUT RA4: Pin4 of  Port A

T1G: Timer1 gate

OSC2: Oscillator pin 2

AN3: Analog input 3

CLKO: Clock source output

4 RA3/MCLR/VPP RA3: Pin3 of  Port A

MCLR: Master Clear Input or Reset pin

VPP: Programming voltage

5 RC5 RC5: Pin5 of  Port C
6 RC4 RC4: Pin4 of  Port C
7 RC3/AN7 RC3: Pin3 of  Port C

AN7: Analog input 7

8 RC2/AN6 RC2: Pin of  Port C2

AN6: Analog input6

9 RC1/AN5 RC1: Pin of  Port C1

AN5: Analog input5

10 RC0/AN4 RC0: Pin of  Port C0

AN4: Analog input4

11 RA2/AN2/COUT/T0CKI/INT RA2: Pin2 of  Port A

AN2: Analog input2

COUT: Comparator output

T0CKI: Timer0 clock input

INT: External Interrupt

12 RA1/AN1/CIN-/VREF/ICSPCLK RA1: Pin1 of  Port A

AN1: Analog input1

CIN-: Comparator input

VREF: External Voltage reference

ICSPCLK: Serial Programming Clock

13 RA0/AN0/CIN+/ICSPDAT RA0: Pin0 of  Port A

AN0: Analog input0

CIN+: Comparator input

ICSPDAT: Serial Programming Data I/O

14 VSS Ground
CPU 8-bit
Total number of pins 14
Programmable pins 12
Communication Interface ICSP or In-Circuit Serial Programming Interface (13,14 Pins) [Can be used for programming this controller]
ADC Feature 8 channels of 10-bit resolution
Timer Feature One 8-bit counter, One 16-bit counter
PWM channels Not available
Analog Comparator Available-1
External Oscillator Up to 20MHz
Internal Oscillator 4MHz  Internal R-C Oscillator factory calibrated to ±1%
Program memory / Flash memory 2Kbytes[100000 write/erase cycles]
CPU Speed 1MIPS @ 1MHz
RAM 64bytes
EEPROM 128bytes
Watchdog Timer 


Available and is featured with Independent 

Oscillator for Reliable Operation

Power Save Modes Available
Operating Voltage 2.0V to 5.5V
Maximum current to any I/O pin IN :25mA 

OUT : 25mA

Operating Temperature -40°C to +125°C
Maximum current into VDD pin 250mA

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