Thermal Transfer Paper for Project PCB Making


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Tonomech offers PCB Thermal Transfer Paper for Project PCB Making.


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Using laser printer to punch PCB drawings on a smooth side, apply them to the copper plate, put them into the rapid plate making machine or electric iron to transfer. DIY hot transfer paper (electronic enthusiasts make high-precision circuit boards necessary materials)
The production of printed circuit boards is often a headache for electronic enthusiasts. In order to make a printed circuit board, many electronic enthusiasts often adopt amateur production methods such as paint drawing board, knife cutting and sticking, which are slow and difficult to produce high-quality printed circuit boards. The production of printed circuit boards has even become a “roadblock” for many beginners to enter the electronic palace.
The thermal transfer method is to make printed circuit boards. The printed circuit boards are printed on the thermal transfer paper by laser printer. Then the transfer paper is covered on the copper-coated board. After heating, the melted toner is completely absorbed on the copper-coated board. When the transfer paper is torn off after cooling, it can be seen that the printed circuit boards have been transferred to the copper-coated board. Black anti-corrosive layer, that is, the PCB we want, after corrosion, we can get the PCB we want.

  • Color: Yellow
  • Size: 8×10 inches

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