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NEMA 17 Stepper motor 1.8/step with GT2 Pulley


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Buy NEMA 23 Stepper motor 1.8/step with GT2 Pulley online in Pakistan. To build 3d printer stepper motor is compulsory. All kinds of motors are available at tonomech.

1,400 2,000

In stock

Wiring (cables) :

Tips : this unipolar wiring, you can use as Bipolar wiring by using ORANGE-BLUE and RED-YELLOW cable.

Compatible timing pulley :
a. Plastic Pulley FS2-3493-000 GEAR 49T (Item No. KR18044) ~ diameter 46mm
b. Plastic Gear FS6-0084-00 Gear 26T (Item No. KR18022) ~ diameter 24mm
c. Plastic Gear IR5000 FS5-3807 Gear 18T (Item No. KR18023) ~ diameter 16.5mm
d. Plastic Pulley FS6-0066-000 Gear 35T (Item No. KR18045) ~ diameter 32.6mm
e. Plastic Pulley FS6-0864 Gear 49T (Item No. KR18144) ~ diameter 46mm
f.  Plastic Pulley FS6 – 0085 – 000 Gear 40T ~ diameter 37.5mm

Compatible timing belt :
a. Timing Belt S3M-276 (Item No. KR18032) ~ round length 270mm x depth 6mm
b. Timing Belt S3M-699 (Item No. KR18046) ~ round length 680mm x depth 6mm
c. Timing Belt S3M-384 (Item No. KR18303) ~ round length 370mm x depth 6mm
d. Timing Belt S3M-339 (Item No. KR18304) ~ round length 330mm x depth 6mm

a. Nominal Voltage = 24 Volt DC (-0.3 to 7 Volt DC/ phase)
b. Current = 2.2 A/ phase
c. Resistance = 8.6 Ohm/ phase
d. Inductance = 19 mH/ phase
e. Holding torque = 13Kg.cm
f. Rotor-intertia = 360 gr-cm2
g. Weight = 1000 g

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