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LM311 Differential Comparator Op-Amp IC


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Tonomech offers LM311 Differential Comparator Op-Amp IC.


Only 4 left in stock

The LM311 Differential Comparator Op-Amp is a very old comparator IC from TI that has been used for Voltage comparisons for a long time in electronic designs. Any Op-Amp can be made to work as a voltage comparator, but the LM311 proves itself to be advantages by housing an Output Transistor inside its package. The collector and Emitter pin of this Transistor can also be controlled by the hardware, this makes it’s suitable for many applications. The simplified schematics of the IC is shown below:

LM311 IC Schematic

This transistor can drive loads upto 50V and 50mA which is suitable for driving most of the TTL, MOS and RTL loads. The transistor can also make the Load to be isolated from the system ground, so if you are looking for a Voltage comparator to drive loads of these specifications then this IC might be the right choice for you.

Pin Configuration

Pin Number Pin Name Description
1 EMIT OUT Emitter Output – This is the Emitter pin of the output transistor
2 Non-Inverting Input (IN+) The Non-Inverting Pin of the comparator is give a variable  voltage to compare
3 Inverting Input (IN-) The Inverting pin is also given a fixed voltage which is compared with the (IN+)
4 Ground (VCC-) This pin is connected to the ground of the system (Negative voltage can also be used)
5 Balance This pin can be used to turn off  the DC-offset voltage
6 Balance/Strobe This pin can be used to turn off the output stage
7 COL OUT Collector Out – This is the Collector output of the transistor
8 VCC+ Provide the operating voltage for the Op-Amp. For LM311 it is upto +15V


  • Voltage Comparator circuits
  • Can drive Relay, Lamp, Motor Etc
  • Zero Crossing detector
  • Peak voltage Detector
  • High Voltage protection/Warning
  • Oscillator circuits
  • Wide power supply Range
  1. Singe supply – 5V to 30V
  2. Dual supply – ±2.5V to ±15V
  • Maximum Current from Vcc+: 7.5mA
  • Single supply for two op-amps enables reliable operation
  • Hence capable of driving load up to 50V and 50 mA
  • Can Drive most of the TTL and MOS loads
  • Output can be Isolated from System Ground

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